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Shape Transport Crafts

Shape Transport Crafts

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Embark on an exciting journey of shapes and vehicles with our Printable Transport Shapes Crafts Collection! This unique set combines the thrill of transportation with the educational aspect of learning shapes. Perfect for young learners, these printables provide a creative way to explore geometric shapes while building adorable transportation crafts.

What's Included: This engaging collection includes 10 different transportation-themed crafts, each highlighting various shapes:

  • A friendly school bus
  • A zippy motorcycle
  • A hardworking tractor
  • A stylish car
  • An adventurous airplane
  • A soaring rocket
  • A busy train
  • A roomy van
  • A grand ship
  • A strong truck

Crafts in Two Versions for Double the Fun:

  • Full Color: Ready-made, vibrant crafts perfect for immediate assembly.
  • Black and White: Offers a canvas for creativity, where children can color and learn about shapes.

20 Interactive Craft Pages: Each vehicle craft is designed to teach children about different shapes. The corner of each printable displays how shapes come together to form the vehicle, providing a helpful guide and a visual learning experience.

Shapes-Based Learning: These crafts aren't just for fun; they're educational, too. Children will learn about various shapes and how they can come together to create familiar objects. This hands-on approach to learning is perfect for developing fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Perfect for Various Ages: Our Printable Transport Shapes Crafts Collection is great for kids of all ages, especially those learning about shapes and basic geometry. It's a fantastic resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to combine fun with education.

Bring Educational Fun to Your Home or Classroom: With these printables, children can enjoy assembling their favorite vehicles while learning about the building blocks of geometry - shapes! It's a great way to engage young minds in creative play and learning.

Digital Downloads Only - No Physical Products Shipped:

Please note that our craft collections are digital downloads only, meaning you'll receive your beautifully designed printables instantly via email upon purchase. This allows you to print and enjoy them with your children right away, without having to wait for shipping.

As these are digital products, no physical items will be shipped to you. This not only makes the process more convenient and eco-friendly but also allows us to offer you these high-quality crafts at an affordable price.

To access your digital downloads, simply check your email after completing your purchase, and you'll find the files ready to be downloaded and printed. You can print them on your preferred paper, as many times as you'd like, for personal use or classroom use.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our digital craft collections, and start creating memorable moments with your children today!

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