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Paper Shapes Animal Crafts

Paper Shapes Animal Crafts

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Unleash a world of creativity and learning with our Printable Animal Shapes Crafts Collection! This delightful set brings together the fun of crafting and the educational aspect of shape recognition. Perfect for young learners and animal enthusiasts, these printables provide a hands-on way to explore basic shapes while creating a charming herd of animals.

What's Included: This comprehensive collection features 12 different animals, each crafted from simple shapes:

  • A loyal dog
  • A playful cat
  • A quacking duck
  • A clucking chicken
  • A grazing cow
  • A majestic lion
  • A pink pig
  • A hopping rabbit
  • A swimming fish
  • A slow-moving turtle
  • A gobbling turkey
  • A lurking crocodile

Two Versions for Twice the Fun:

  • Full Color: These vibrant, pre-colored printables are ready for immediate crafting.
  • Black and White: Perfect for creative minds, these versions allow kids to add their personal touch with coloring before assembly.

24 Engaging Craft Pages: Each animal comes in both full color and black and white, totaling 24 pages of crafting fun. Children will love the process of identifying and assembling shapes to create their favorite animals.

Shapes-Based Learning and Creativity: These crafts are more than just a fun activity; they're a unique educational tool. Kids will learn about different shapes and how they come together to form familiar animals, enhancing their understanding of geometry and spatial relationships.

Ideal for Various Ages: Our Printable Animal Shapes Crafts Collection is great for children of all ages, especially those beginning to learn about shapes. It's a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and caregivers to combine fun with foundational learning.

Transform Learning into an Animal Adventure: These printables offer a fantastic way for children to learn about animals and shapes simultaneously. From farm animals like cows and pigs to wild creatures like lions and crocodiles, there's an animal for every interest.

Digital Downloads Only - No Physical Products Shipped:

Please note that our craft collections are digital downloads only, meaning you'll receive your beautifully designed printables instantly via email upon purchase. This allows you to print and enjoy them with your children right away, without having to wait for shipping.

As these are digital products, no physical items will be shipped to you. This not only makes the process more convenient and eco-friendly but also allows us to offer you these high-quality crafts at an affordable price.

To access your digital downloads, simply check your email after completing your purchase, and you'll find the files ready to be downloaded and printed. You can print them on your preferred paper, as many times as you'd like, for personal use.

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our digital craft collections, and start creating memorable moments with your children today!

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